I have a friend who loves tacos. We’ve known each other for over a decade, but had never eaten tacos together. On a beach trip a while back (on what turned out to be a perfectly sunny day!) we decided to rectify this situation. We were in Grand Bend, so off to The Cheryl Ann we went!


One order of tacos, either soft or hard shells, includes three tacos with a choice of spice level in the salsa. I chose mild and it still got my nose running (though I’m pretty sure that the simple act of opening and closing my mouth makes my nose run sometimes!). The ground beef was cooked in nice tiny pieces and was full of seasoning. There was a bit more grease than ideal, but, regardless, these tacos tasted just like ones my mom might make. (That’s a good thing, by the way!)

I can’t remember how much these were exactly, but I believe the price on the menu was around $6.99.

NB: We also went back for a chicken caesar pita to split. I didn’t get a picture of it and I believe it was also around the $6.99 mark, but it was very small and the pita itself seemed stale. Overall it was very mediocre, at best. I would not recommend getting a pita here.

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