I am so late getting around to posting some of these. I have cards that I leave behind now, so I try my hardest to get the write up done quickly. Not to mention my memory starts to fade after a while! This trip was a few weeks ago now, probably almost a month ago, but I made sure to make a strong mental note on this one! For this meal, a friend and I went to Ethel’s Lounge to partake in their Thursday meatloaf.


I apologize for the quality of the photo. My phone does not take good pictures at all! Regardless, hopefully you can tell that there are scalloped potatoes and a chunk of meatloaf, all covered in gravy, on my plate. Meatloaf is only served on Thursdays here, and it is served all day. So if you go for dinner, like we did, be prepared for them to be sold out. We both wanted the same meal and the waiter advised us that there was only one dinner serving left of the meatloaf. He suggested that what he could do though, since the meal portion comes with two pieces of meatloaf, was split the dinner meal in half onto two plates for us. Of course we went for it! Honestly, I don’t think I would be able to eat an entire dinner portion, the slice of meatloaf was large enough as it was. When it arrived I had not been prepared for the mushroom gravy that was presented on top of everything. I do not like mushrooms at all so I spent the first little while picking them all out and setting them off to the side as my friend was doing the same. Once it was mushroom free I was able to dig in! This meatloaf is more dense than others that I’ve had. It also doesn’t appear to have much seasoning in the actual loaf. It seemed to me that most of the flavour came from the gravy. The scalloped potatoes were a nice change from the usual, but they almost seemed more like slightly cheesy home fries than scalloped potatoes to me. They were missing the savory, creamy element. I know it sounds like I didn’t like it, but I did. It was just a lot more basic than I would hope for from a restaurant.

I cannot remember what exactly the price was, but I do remember that our waiter ended up charging us both for one lunch serving each, when what we got was one meal serving, just separated onto two plates (which we could have done ourselves without the extra charges). We were both confused and, when we questioned him about it, our waiter acted like he had no recollection whatsoever of having sorted out how he was going to serve the one remaining portion to the two of us – which he had done all on his own. In the end he did correct the price, begrudgingly. Needless to say, this is already a restaurant that I am not entirely keen on and this experience did not help their case.

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