Last summer, on a bike trip, we had stopped near Paris at a restaurant whose name I couldn’t remember, but I remembered exactly what the corner they were situated on looked like. I also remembered that they served a lot of meat options and they were generous in their servings. With that in mind, I started a hunt to find this place again. It wasn’t long before I discovered that the restaurant I was thinking of was Camp 31.


The last time I was here we sat outside. This time the outside temperature was calling for air conditioning! Camp 31 is not an overly large restaurant but they have won many awards for their barbecued meats and their various meat sauces. They travel all over North America to rib festivals and the like and they seem to consistently bring home a prize, which they proudly display throughout the place. This is one sure way to instill confidence in the minds/stomachs of their patrons!


To this day, I do not know what possessed me to order a turkey dinner from a barbecue joint. What can I say? Thanksgiving seems so far away and I guess I couldn’t wait! The turkey, potatoes and gravy were exactly as they should be, flavour wise, though the portion was smaller than I was expecting. I chose corn on the cob for my side. It came dusted in seasoning. I rarely think of getting creative with my corn at home. This was a nice break from the norm! I am not sure what the butter was intended for.


My mate went for the ribs plus one meat combo and selected pulled pork as the other meat. This combo comes with house baked beans and one choice of side; mac and cheese in this case! The meat was all fantastic! Great texture and flavour achieved with their house sauces. The mac and cheese was a little bland. We always have such high hopes for mac and cheese from a restaurant, always hoping it will be better than home made, but so far we’ve only found that once. The baked beans here are very different than usual. They are much more watery and have onion and peppers mixed in. Also, they are made from a variety of beans. This proved to be too many variables for me. If the sauce was thicker and there were no kidney beans I might have liked them more than I did. I definitely liked the addition of peppers though. And I feel I should note here that those peppers and onions were the only vegetables on our plates. Beans and corn do not count! In fact, there are very few, if any, true vegetable options to be found anywhere on the menu. I shall refrain from going off on a tangent about how I feel about that and will let you all come to your own conclusions!

Our rib combo, turkey dinner and two pints came to $56.67

Camp 31 on Urbanspoon

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