When I was younger I never liked coming here. Who wants to eat where there is no deep fryer?! Well, as much as I still love deep fried food (obviously!) I have managed to get over my hangups and see that the menu at Ethel’s Lounge actually does have a lot to offer.


I was very conflicted when making my choice on this particular evening. I loved the sound of the rajah, but I really wanted beef and not chicken. This lead to me trying out the cheesesteak po boy instead. I will have to go back for the rajah some day though. I’d never had a po boy before, but it sounded pretty straight forward, and it was. It arrived exactly as described on the menu, along with their french fry replacement; original kettle chips. I am seriously not a fan of plain potato chips, so they’d really be better off not even giving them to me. Without something to dip them in they are just a waste of food. Next time I will either ask them to hold chips or maybe I’ll see if I can get a side of ranch dip to help make them palatable. Aside from the chips, my meal was great. I really enjoyed the garlic mayo, and the pickle slice! It was a pretty simple meal so there is not much more to say. But I know there are a few other things I’d love to try, when I’m feeling less particular, so you’ll likely be seeing more where this came from.

My friend and I split the bill ourselves so I didn’t get my own total, but I did snag the pre-tax prices for what I had:
One pint of Mill St. Organic, $4.21.
Cheesesteak Po Boy, $10.99.

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