This local is not found anywhere that you would expect to find a pub. It is nestled quietly in among a neighbourhood full of residential houses. I just wish it were right next to my house! Too bad it’s located in London. Though, that just gives us an excuse to get the motorcycle out, at least for the summer! The restaurant I am talking about today is The Bungalow Neighbourhood Hub, another stop from You Gotta Eat Here!


I haven’t seen the episode of YGEH that visited this restaurant, so I had to ask what menu item had been sampled on the show. It turned out that John Catucci had tried the same item that I had already decided I was going for – the Bungalow Hot Dog! This baby came topped with baked beans, bacon, cheddar, deep fried pickles and jalapeños. I ended up picking off the jalapeños. I like to get the essence of the flavour but I can’t handle eating actual pieces of any hot pepper. I’d love to say that this hot dog was everything I could have hoped for and more, but it didn’t quite reach the stars for me. And really, it was all because of the weiner. I am very picky with hot dogs. There is only one kind I will eat at home and I find that I only like others if they are grilled well on the barbeque. If this one had been grilled, it was only lightly done. Considering what is in the ‘meat’ no one should really be surprised that it wasn’t amazingly delicious, and it really is beyond me why I even eat these things at all, but all those toppings just sounded so good! And they were! But unless you really love hot dog meat of all sorts, then I don’t think I would recommend this one. As my side I chose the habanero potato cheddar soup. I’ve written about another favorite cheddar soup of mine twice already and I was curious to see how this one would compare. This one was definitely spicier, but didn’t have quite as full of a flavor. But that is only in comparison. Taken on it’s own, this soup was delicious!


I got all caught up in YGEH and forgot to mention our starter! While my mate was still deciding what to get, we ordered some deep fried cheese curds. These are offered with a choice of either a marinara or a chipotle sauce for dipping. We couldn’t decide on just one so we asked for both, and I found they tasted best dipped first in the chipotle and next into the marinara. These little bites were delicious! A little bit dangerous though as they were quite filling! And I liked the chipotle sauce so much that I also added some of it to my dog. I would love to have it available to me at home so I could put it on everything. It was so yummy!


When the decision was finally made, my mate decided to use the ‘build your own burger’ option. I get the feeling that burgers are the claim to fame here. They have all kinds of options for patties, from beef to wild boar to turkey to salmon to potabello, to name a few! This burger was built on a buffalo patty. I don’t know how anyone can come up with the perfect combination of toppings and condiments because the list available seems endless. I cannot recall what was on this one, but if you are a burger lover, I do venture to say that you’ve got to eat here! There is even a burger on the menu that John helped create when he was here for the show. I should also mention that, true to style, gravy was ordered for the fries and I have no complaints about it (I find it easier to explain why I don’t like particular gravies than why I do like others). Oh, and I am forgetting another key component to this wee local; the beer!! This is another great stop for fabulous beers on tap. I was so excited to find Stiegl Radler available on draught. I really do wish that this place was in my neighbourhood!

Our total was $67.13 for the cheese curds, my hot dog with a side soup, the buffalo burger with a side of gravy, 2x Stiegl Radler pints and one pint of another, local, beer whose name has escaped me.

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2 Responses to ANOTHER ‘LOCAL’

  1. Will McKay says:

    check out spaghetti eddies! 431 Richmond St
    down artisans alley

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