I was back at my favorite restaurant the other day and this time I decided to try something new! I’ve been going to Niko Niko for about 5 years now, and until very recently I only ever chose from four different rolls on the menu. I don’t like raw fish, so it keeps my options limited. I can’t say I will do much venturing out of my comfy little box when it comes to the rolls, but with other items on the menu I try to give it a shot!


I find it funny how, in 5 years, I never noticed the Korokke on the menu. When I realized I’ve been overlooking potato croquettes for all this time my stomach got sad. I know that sounds strange, but trust me, my stomach has emotions. When it craves something and I decide to go get it, my stomach gets excited. If I go to get the desired item and find that I can’t, then my stomach gets very upset and no other food will suffice, it will simply act as place holder until I am able to find what I was looking for, at which time my stomach will feel great relief and satisfaction. In this case my stomach felt a sadness for all of the deep fried potatoey goodness that it could have been indulging in but hadn’t been. I definitely had to try them, lest my stomach get angry! And I will be honest, they were not exactly what I expected, but really I didn’t know what to expect. They were on the sweeter side of savory. I believe they had bits of onion, corn and carrot mixed in with the potato. I asked if they were meant to be dipped in anything and was told that they weren’t, but I dipped them anyway! I found I really enjoyed them with the soy sauce. The soy sauce here is much less salty than everywhere else though, so I don’t know if I would dip them if I were elsewhere. Also in the above picture are the fried pork dumplings: so good!!


The rest of my meal consisted of one of my four usual rolls; the 9-1-1. It is always tasty and is the perfect amount of food, along with the included house salad and miso soup, to feel full while still feeling fresh. Although the addition of the korokke, the dumplings, and a couple of tempura shrimp from my mate’s plate had me feeling stuffed by the end of it. So much for that fresh feeling! But I knew what to expect when I placed the order. It was nothing I couldn’t handle and wouldn’t enjoy to the fullest!


My mate got the chicken teriyaki bento box, which would usually have a salad in there too, but it was served at the same time as mine in a separate dish. I think I have said it before, but I will say it again; I love their teriyaki sauce!

Our meal of dumplings, korokke, chicken teriyaki bento box and a 9-1-1 totaled $41.81.

Niko Niko Roll & Sushi on Urbanspoon

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