I was hanging at my mate’s place and we decided to take the über lazy route again (no surprises here) and found ourselves walking the least amount of steps possible to get to food across the street at Planet Pizza. We ordered the pick up special: one large, one topping pizza for $9.99. We asked for pepperoni and decided to take a lazy stroll around the block while we waited the 10 minutes for our pizza to be made.


I believe I have had slices from here before, but never a full pizza. I gotta say, especially considering the prices, the full pizza is the way to go. Fresh, thin crust with cheese both under and on top of the pepperoni. The sauce is your average pizza sauce, but I think it’s the combination of the sauce and the crust that make this pizza so good. Simple, basic pepperoni and cheese that was just the right size for the two of us to finish it off while it was still hot.

Total with tax was $11.29.

Planet Pizza on Urbanspoon

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