The other day we got caught up running a bunch of errands and lost track of time. We were out on Victoria Street and wanted a quick lunch, but not fast food. Aside from breakfasts on the morning after a big night out, Oscar’s Family Restaurant has never really been a place that’s come to mind when I’ve been hungry, but on this day it was in the right place at the right time.


Perogies are one of my favorite foods, so finding them on the menu made my decision making easy. My favorite way to eat them is by frying them up with onion and bacon. Unfortunately most restaurants seem to take what must be an easy way out and simply fry up the perogies on their own and then top them with a mixture of fried onions and bacon. You just don’t get the fabulous flavours this way. Unfortunately these ones were done up a step even further down the ladder; by using raw green onion with what seemed to be some form of larger bacon bits. They were also baked and not fried, which the menu did declare, so there really wouldn’t be any way to get them infused with bacon or onion flavour this way, but I thought I’d give them a try. It helped that they were covered in cheese, but really, this is a very bland way of serving perogies. And I could never figure out how to explain the presence of that large soup spoon on my plate!


My mate went for the hot beef, which looked far more delicious than what I’d received. I snuck a few bites off the plate and I am happy to say that this meal was much better than mine (for the sake of the restaurant, not me!). The gravy was delicious, the fries were crispy and the veggies were fried up in buttery wonder! True, this may not be the healthiest way to eat veggies, but it sure did make me wish we had more!

One coffee, one hot beef, one side of gravy, and one serving of perogies came to $22.57.

Oscar's Family Restaurant & Deli\uc0\u8206  on Urbanspoon

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