On this particular evening I had decided I definitely did not want to cook (not that I ever want to) but I also didn’t want to go get something quick and crappy (I was going to be alone for dinner, no point in making a big ‘do’ out of it). I was making a quick trip out to grab some beer when I noticed Holy Guacamole Fresh Mex conveniently located right next door on Victoria Street!


This was my first time inside this particular location. As much as I love the idea of beef and rice, etc… wrapped up in a tidy little package, somehow it never comes together into a taste adventure that I particularly like. I had recently heard, however, that they make quesadillas and tacos too. I went in expecting to come out with one of them, but as you can see, I ended up with a burrito. I figured it was the format which would involve the least amount of maintenance while eating, if that makes sense to anyone but me!


There are a few tables inside the shop, but I believe the main idea here is fresh food to grab and go. You start at one end of the counter and walk along as the burrito maker on the other side of the counter adds the toppings of your choice until you reach the till at the other end of the counter. Today’s burrito was composed of a whole wheat tortilla wrap, chipotle beef, refried and black beans, rice, monterey jack cheese, salsa verde, green peppers, lettuce, chipotle sauce and southwest ranch sauce. I think next time I will skip the chipotle sauce. I was warned that it was spicy, and by the end of my burrito, as I started to reach the point where the sauces had accumulated, the heat became too much for me to be able to enjoy the rest of it as much as I would have liked. The beef was wonderful, I really love the texture of pulled beef. I liked how small the peppers were chopped. My only wish was that the toppings had all been spread out a little bit more evenly. I don’t enjoy getting one bite of mostly beef and another of mostly lettuce, this can usually be sufficiently remedied by shifting around the sides of the burrito. However, it is a little harder to resolve the issue when more rice is at the bottom than was at the top. Now I know how I prefer things for next time!

One beef burrito cost me $8.35.

Holy Guacamole Fresh Mex on Urbanspoon

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