Sunday afternoon is usually family lunch time. This Sunday found us stepping out of the family home and onto the patio at Lisboa Bakery & Grill. It was a warm, sunny day so we decided to sit on the patio. Strangely, perhaps due to being one of the first patio friendly days of the year, there was no open doorway to the patio. The building has a wall that opens up to the patio, but instead of creating an easy access area (which, I imagine, could have easily been done when they made the choice not to open the door), they left the tables and chairs sitting where they had been when the wall was actually a wall. This meant we had to walk through a small space behind a table of other guests to get outside. Needless to say, this was awkward. And if I had been seated there I would have been quite aggravated by the constant traffic right behind my head (the waitress was also walking back and forth through the same space all afternoon).


Our meal started with a basket of house-made bread. Because Lisboa is a bakery and restaurant, with a small grocery section as well, it basically guarantees that any bread you get here will be fresh and delicious, and it was! Lately I’ve been craving the flavour of chicken and bacon together, so I went for their Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich for my main. And since I’ve been on a gravy kick, the side I selected was fries with the add-on of their in-house gravy. When I asked for the gravy the waitress told me that it is not normal gravy, it is red wine gravy, and that most people don’t like it (which, of course, made me think ‘why serve it then?’ but to each their own I suppose), and I figured I’d already had the worst gravy possible, how bad could it be?


Live and learn, as they say. I’m not sure if it was a traditional Portuguese style of gravy or what, but I could not taste the wine and, honestly, it just tasted like watered down drippings off a chicken. Not my cup of tea, that’s for sure. And I’m sad to report that the sandwich wasn’t either. It looked like it was going to be amazing, but all that I could taste was the familiar flavour of charcoal grilled chicken. I say familiar because, if you’ve ever been to Multicultural Festival, I find that every BBQ’d chicken there has that same flavour. I couldn’t even taste the ranch dressing or the bacon over the taste of the chicken. That style may be for some people, but it is not for me.

This meal had so much more potential than what it actually delivered. That said, the rest of my family enjoyed their food and they do go back repeatedly to grab pastéis de nata for desserts at home, and I don’t like those either. So this entry may say more about my tastes than anything else. Also, I dropped the ball a bit again and I don’t have prices for what I ate, sorry!

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