I was back at my tried and true favorite, Niko Niko, the other day.


This visit I just wanted something light and simple so it was just a basic spicy california roll for me. With a side of fried pork dumplings of course, along with the included miso soup and house salad. I believe I mentioned, last time I wrote about these guys, that if you like your spice with some real bite you should ask for extra spice, which is what I did. Now, it still doesn’t arrive inherently extremely spicy, but there’s that swoosh of spicy sauce that you can see on the plate there, so I still dip my rolls in that before I go to my soy sauce. As much as I love hot stuff, my system doesn’t quite agree with me thus, I end up with a very runny nose, but I find that having a sip of miso soup, when my mouth starts to feel like it’s on fire, helps calm the burn!


On this trip my dining mate decided to go for the chicken teriyaki, which includes salad and miso soup as well. It looked much nicer when it had been placed on the table, but again, I forgot to snap the picture before it was disturbed! Nothing had been eaten at this point though, so you can see that it is a healthy serving of chicken with veggies underneath. The teriyaki sauce is one of my favorites around and there is plenty on the plate to share with the rice.


I always love everything about my meals here, from start to finish. As usual, the meal ended with an orange and the delicious coffee candies. I lost my copy of the receipt, but I can tell you that the total would have been around the $25 mark.

Niko Niko Roll & Sushi on Urbanspoon

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