For my first trip this evening (I’ll be going back again for dessert soon!!) I ended up choosing two items from two different food trucks.


My first choice, as a sort of appetizer, was the Mexican Spring Rolls from Luchador. They contained ground beef, black beans, corn and seasoning, with a sweet chili-type sauce for dipping. The service was speedy and fun! Everyone inside had a mask on and they were playing some pretty sweet tunes (I was singing along!). It was obvious that the people working in this truck enjoy what they do probably as much as I enjoyed eating their food. I love seasoned ground beef and deep fried things. Delish!


Next came my main, Spicy Mac from Fo’ Cheezy (the bowl pictured on the right, left is the Porky Mac). I just love their name, it makes me want to say it in a silly voice and giggle! Good for them! It was obvious that there was some camaraderie between the staff of the different trucks. It was really nice to see how well they treated one of the others who’d come to eat from their truck. Kindness goes along way, especially when witnessed! Now, mac and cheese is among the top of my favorite dishes, there is just so much potential to make great meals with it. Fo’ Cheezy did not let me down. The spice wasn’t overly strong, and the peppers were perfect. I don’t like many vegetables, so when I get a chance to eat them and actually enjoy them, I am thrilled.


I was also thrilled to see that people actually came out for the trucks, even with such little notice! I was a tad worried that the whole thing might flop. I am so happy to see that it didn’t. The above picture was taken within about half an hour of the trucks opening. It got much busier as it got closer to show time. I’ll be heading back for that dessert in about half an hour, so it will be interesting to see how busy it is while patrons of the show are inside.

Spring roll was $6.
The two Macs totaled $15.

Luchador Gourmet Streatery on Urbanspoon

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