Beer dinners for the win!

If you are into craft beer and creative local eats (as it seems everyone is these days) then the beer dinners hosted by Red Rabbit would be right up your alley! These nights showcase a different local brewery each time; pairing four of their beers with four specifically prepared courses to match. I will be the first to say that I would’ve never guessed that I’d enjoy these evenings as much as I do. I am not all that adventurous when it comes to food or drink, but I am truly trying to push my limits. These days I’ve been doing an impressive job at it, if I do say so myself! The meal I am about to show you is a perfect example of something I never would have gone anywhere near even two years ago, but I ate (nearly) the entire thing – and enjoyed it too!

This blogging app keeps deleting my text and I simply don’t have the patience to keep re-writing, so my apologies for the brevity that is about to ensue:

First course: Beau’s Honeybush paired with (and you’ll have to excuse me, I missed the proper description) a salted pork salad and ham pâté type of thing with egg. That’s as technical as I’m getting with my own vocabulary! Can’t say I was a huge fan of the main texture (gelatinous meat, really?!) but the salted pork and crisp greens really helped me push through. I actually ate every last bit of it! That must say something about the flavours…!

Second course, by far my favorite:  Beau’s Lugtread paired with a deep fried chicken cutlet with sticky rice, sumac slaw, and a tomkatsu style gravy. I could’ve eaten this one for days. That’s the worst part about these nights (and blogging about them) – these dishes are not found on the restaurant’s regular menu. I know, it’s barely even fair that I bother telling you about them, but they really do demonstrate the chef’s incredible talent.

Third course, not my favorite: Beau’s Strong Patrick paired with a Parisienne gnocchi with mushroom, shallots and lemon (I missed the proper description for this one too, sorry). You may already know, mushrooms are my least favorite of all the edibles I encounter on a regular basis. That cross-hatched thing on top of the gnocchi? Ya, that’s the mushroom. I tried the very corner of it, but even cutting it was making me gag. I just cannot handle the texture of fungi! The rest of this dish was, again, too mushy for me. The flavour was good, but texture is what does me in, so I didn’t make it through this one. Though it was the consensus that this, in a smaller portion, would’ve been better suited as the second course.

Fourth course, dessert: Beau’s Collabrrrewnaught (yes, that is the ‘correct’ spelling) paired with a donut on espresso chocolate pudding with ground coffee beans and dehydrated marshmallow. These beer dinner desserts seem to be consistently heavy on the rich, dark chocolate – which is not my cup of tea. They also just tend to be very rich in general and I am never able to finish them, though not for a lack of desire!

This was my second time attending a beer dinner. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed one of their Mimosa Sunday Brunches. I imagine I will be back here again, soon enough. The food is definitely worth the drive!

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I’m back!

It’s been a while. Life happened, as it does, and now I think I’m ready to get back to putting together the occaisional post. I’ll be honest, I’ve been to more than a few restaurants that I really wanted to write about in the last two years, but I’m not keen on writing if I don’t have pictures and now I finally have the ability to take decent photos again – as long as I remember! So now it’s time to get back in the habit!

First up: Ken Sushi House


My friend and I split this dinner; gyoza, 7pc veggie tempura, spicy crab roll, red volacano roll, a green tea and an iced tea.

I was absolutely thrilled when she told me she’d found a new not AYCE sushi place. I have been totally heartbroken since Niko Niko closed. I’ve tried every other sushi restaurant I know in the tri-cities (AYCE, or not), and beyond, and I am convinced I will never find anything that comes to close to what they offered. But I continue searching.

I won’t say that the search ended here, but it’s the closest I’ve gotten so far. We sat right at the bar as the restaurant was packed, granted it is on the smaller side, but it is still bright and inviting. There was decent variety in rolls offered, which included all of the usual suspects as well as a good number of their own unique rolls.

I’m not going to go on and on about how great everything tasted – it was exactly what I would expect from your average not-AYCE sushi joint, I am going to mention a couple points of criticisms though. When reading the menu I did not see any description listed under the gyoza (and that may have been my oversight) but online I see that they offer both veggie and beef options. Since I didn’t know there were options I just ordered ‘gyoza’ and that landed 6 veggie dumplings on our plate. They were ok – if you like your carbohydrate pouches stuffed with vegetables, but I am a meat girl. Next time I will definitely be asking for beef, and I have a feeling that they will be delicious!

My only other criticism goes to the red volcano roll. It seemed a bit mushy. I find that to be common in rolls and I don’t know why it happens. I never had a mushy roll at Niko Niko and everywhere I go I get basically the same things. I just don’t know enough about it to know how they made that difference. I digress, the flavour was great though. I think my next visit will prove more satisfying now that I have a better idea of what I’m getting into.

The spicy crab roll was just that; just crab inside with spicy sauce and a dash of panko crumbs on top. Again I found this one to be a bit mushy, but that would be the expectation with a roll whose only contents are crab. I think an addition of cucmber would be good in that one, but that’s just my taste!

Finally the tempura was nice and light. Our basket contained 2pc zucchini, 2pc sweet potato, 2pc squash and one pc of onion. Personally I’m not a fan of the texture of the center of the zucchini pieces – though I did try a bite just to be sure. The squash was a bit thick for my liking. The sweet potatoes were a bit smaller than what you usually find. The onion was awesome!

I know, sounds like a lot more bad stuff than good, but I really did enjoy the meal – I just have to be critical until I find my perfect replacement (you’d understand if you’ve ever had to say goodbye to your favorite retaurant too!). I’m not 100% sure, but we think that the gentleman working closest to us behind the bar may have been the owner. And he was a major selling point for me. He spoke to us a few times; not too much and not too little! He was very sweet and has a sense of humour!

I can definitely say I will be giving this place another shot sometime soon.

For everything above, our bill came to $19something each. We split it right down the middle and, forgive me, I can’t remember the cents!

Ken Sushi House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Well isn’t this handy!

I’m glad someone out there is more motivated than I am and has take  the time to curate this handy little list of foodie deals around the city, by day of the week! If you’re headed out for some eats today, check it out! Maybe it will even help inspire you to try somewhere new!

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It is time that I blast through some seriously over due old posts. I am going to try to make this short and quick!

King Crab Oyster Bar & Grill:
I really liked the bread and dipper. I even bought the stuff to try to repeat it at home and I can’t get it right, but I’m using prepared sundried tomato pesto from the grocery store. I’m sure the restaurant uses something much better! I had a bite of my mate’s Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and I actually liked it better than most I’ve ever tried in Italian restaurants! My Crispy Skin Salmon was good, but didn’t reach favorites level. I would’ve preferred the peach and jalapeño salsa to be more of a purée than chunks, but I also like each bite of my meal to taste relatively the same, I like to know what to expect from each forkful. The sweet potato wedges were much larger than I’d anticipated. They were more like quaters than wedges, which is not good for me. I only really like sweet potatoes when they’re well done, crispy and slightly caramelized, and it would require very thin wedges to acheive this. The iced tea was a disappointment. What I got is basically what you see; mostly ice and very watered-down.
I always get excited about the thought of eating here (which prior to this I had only done once), but I need to remember that it’s not my kind of place, nor is it my kind of pricing (especially for food that is not my style!). Thankfully we had a coupon for $20 off, but our total still came to $44.97 for the salmon, the pasta, the iced tea and a coffee.

King Crab Oyster Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

York Street Kitchen:
York St. Kitchen has been a favorite of mine for many years, going back into the years when they were still actually on York Street! This is a good place to stop for something homemade and healthy. I went for The Mikado- a tuna sandwich which could have had a little bit more going on in terms of flavours. It was certainly a healthy portion of tuna, but I like mine with some dill pickles or celery or even red pepper for added colour and tang. Considering I like neither tomato nor bean sprouts it’s actually strange that I chose this, but I wanted to give it a chance. For dessert I chose the chocolate brownie which, again, was a healthy portion! It was a nice, basic brownie. The pecan pie was very sweet, as it should be, and the other sandwich pictured was a BYO and I did not have a bite but, as you can see, there is no skimping on contents here!
Two sammies, two bevvies and two desserts came to $27.97.

York Street Kitchen on Erie on Urbanspoon

Slumdog Bar & Grill:
We were out for a ride and when we stopped for gas we used an app to find a restaurant that was nearby to grab some grub. The menus were incredibly annoying as they would not lie flat. The waitress did not have the answer for any of my questions and had to keep going to the kitchen to get answers, but at least she got them. I got the impression that this restaurant may be fairly new. After my last Hawaiian burger experience, I was excited to see one on this menu and I was informed that the veggie patties were soy based so I went for the Big Island Hawaiian Burger with a vegetarian patty instead of beef (which turned out to be two patties! One would have sufficed though). The patties were delicious, they tasted kind of like the patty-style hashbrowns that you can get at fast food restaurants. This burger was much better than the last. And I was stuffed when I finished, but the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake sounded too good to pass up. In the end it was good, but I probably could have lived without it. The veggies that came with my mate’s steak were delicious. I love it when attention is paid to the vegetables on the side, just as it is given to the rest of the food on the plate. Overall the food was great, but the atmosphere created by the overly casual attitudes of the staff just didn’t seem to jive with the atmosphere that the decor seems to be trying to create. And the person that I believe was the manager just stood around watching TV the whole time we were there. Not sure how I feel about the person supposedly with the highest rank doing nothing to help anyone, but make of that what you will.
The burger, steak, 2 sides of gravy, cheesecake and tea came to $64.27.

Slumdog Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Q BBQ Public House:
Q BBQ was our first stop from You Gotta Eat Here in a while. I was very much looking forward to some meatloaf only to be disappointed. It was smoked. I should’ve known I wouldn’t like it, but I tried it anyway. The cornbread, on the other hand, was to die for! It was sticky and sweet and wonderful! The mac and cheese was also much better than others we’ve tried. The caesar salad was standard, as were the fries and gravy. I would certainly come here again, I just wouldn’t order the meatloaf again!
Our meal came to $32.74 for the texas brisket platter, a side of gravy and the meatloaf.

Q BBQ Public House on Urbanspoon

King Street Trio Uptown:
This is a sister restaurant to King Crab. The lighting was so dim that I had to edit the photos so you could see what we ate! Our meal started with a similar bread and oil dipper to the one I mentioned at the beginning of this post, but somehow this one wan’t quite as good. The caesar salad, with it’s fascinating Asiago Frico and bits of bacon, was delicious. We ordered the beef and pork meatballs to share. They came coated in an almond and green olive sauce, which was wonderfully savoury. My main (middle, right) was the stuffed chicken supreme. Although the description does say that the stuffing included spinach, I did not expect the electric green paste that came squishing out when I made my first cut. I wish I had gotten a picture! Putting the colour and texture of it aside, the flavour was not bad. I can’t say that I was able to pic out any almond or raisin flavours though. My mate’s Smoked Chicken Fettuccine was prepared with an oil sauce, and the sundried tomatoes and artichoke added some nice zing.
I would consider coming back here again, perhaps to celebrate a special occaision, even if it were just for a few appetizers and to try a dessert. The meatballs, salad, chicken, pasta, beer, a martini, cappuccino and tea came to $106.22.

King Street Trio Uptown on Urbanspoon

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Long time, no write! I figured things would slow down around here once I went back to work and I was right. The other night, however, was one of those blistery winter nights that required a trip to Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill. If you are anything like me and grew up going out for family dinners to get the Festive Specials, then you’ll understand why Swiss Chalet and winter seem to go hand-in-hand!


Things have changed quite a bit since those childhood days gone by! Not only have my own personal tastes changed, but in more recent years they have really re-vamped their menu. I already know that I love their perogies, but since they removed my favorite, the grilled chicken caesar salad, and I am not all that keen on the quater chicken, I decided to try out a few of the new flavours. This decision led to me making a meal out of a bunch of appetizers, as well as stealing the odd bite off my mate’s plate! Unfortunately every item we received (except the fries) seemed to be either under cooked or over cooked. We guessed that this may have been the result of ordering app’s and an entrée to arrive all together, but still, it’s not rocket science! Regardless, the flavours were still fantastic, for me at least!  I don’t know why I ever forget how much I love the different dips and sauces here, and maybe it was because I was starving, but last night everything was just so perfectly delicious!  I love dipping their fries and the chicken in the Chalet sauce (which I always forget you can buy in packets at the grocery store!). I love dipping the ribs in the barbeque sauce (which is what used to come on the grilled chicken). And I love the cajun dipping sauce that comes with the perogies (although they have changed something about it recently and it’s not as good as it used to be). I even like their gravy but I don’t know what I’d put it on because everything is already busy being dipped in something else! The coconut shrimp were a first time try for me. They would have been better if they were cooked a little longer and were crispier. The sweet chili thai dipping sauce was pretty standard, but it’s nice to know I can get some decent coconut shrimp now without spending a bundle. The spring rolls are something I will live without. There was some herb or spice in them that just didn’t sit well with me. Nevermind that they seem to be trying to put an almost Mexican type of flair in them and they add green and red peppers which could potentially be good, but just strikes me as odd. It is not the kind of flavour one would expect from a spring roll.


And, I cannot forget to mention, though I did forget to photograph, the best garlic loaf in the city! Actually, it might qualify as the best garlic loaf I have ever had. It comes stuffed with melted cheese and absolutely smothered in tangy garlic butter. It is just so good that I had to scarf it down as soon as it hit the table! And I surprised myself by actually feeling a desire to eat it with the tomato bits! I usually brush them all off, but this time I actually made sure to eat it bruschetta style! I have never before in my life actually wanted to eat a piece tomato. But this just shows that all of the training I have been doing with myself (by leaving tomatoes on burgers and such for as  long as I can tolerate them) is actually helping me to like them! I’m so excited! I love it when I start to like something new that is also healthy!

All that you see above, plus one tea and one coffee, came to $61.50.

Swiss Chalet on Urbanspoon

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Others may not agree with me, and perhaps it is due to it’s proximity to my home, but when I visit Casey’s, I do kind of feel like it’s a comfortable night in. It’s always easy and laid back, there’s never any pressure or expectation to be anything more than whatever I am when I walked through the doors.


It’s been a while since this meal and unfortunately I don’t remember many intricate details, but what that means is that nothing was super fabulous, but it wasn’t bad either. I know that there are other things that I love to eat here, but I don’t generally think of a sandwich as being dinner food so on this dinner trip I went for the cashew chicken stir fry. I was happy to find plenty of veggies, but the sauce just didn’t jive with me. Although this dish wasn’t a massive hit, as their others have been for me, that won’t dissuade me from continuing to try new things here.


This visit was intended to just be a simple meal and a few drinks. We had both noticed the chicken tacos, but weren’t sure if we were hungry enough for apps and a meal, so it was convenient that we ended up hanging out for a while as at 9:00pm appetizers went down to half price and we decided we still had room for more! We got the tacos to share, just to try them out. Unfortunately I won’t be getting them again. I don’t know exactly what it was that didn’t sit right for me. Could have been the chunky style salsa. Could have been that the ranch was right on top of everything. Could have been a combination of everything. What I can say though, is although they were not perfect for me, I can certainly see other people enjoying them.

Our total, including a $10 off coupon, came to $67.69 for a pint of Bud, two pints of Steamwhistle, cashew chicken stir fry, 12oz steak, side gravy and the tacos.

Casey's Grill Bar Victoria on Urbanspoon

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As often happens, we were lazing around wondering where we should go for dinner. I don’t know how we managed to come across it, but once discovering Stonegate Bistro online, and checking out the reviews, it was obvious that we had to go!

I believe the bistro opened in Februray of this year, so it is still fairly new. I really hope that they manage to make a name for themselves as, it could just be me, but I think their location may work against them. I do hope I’m wrong. I hope that downtown Kitchener will somehow find a way to bring people in and keep them coming back. At least Stonegate has plenty of signage to direct you down to their classy little cavern! And who knows, maybe they will be one of the things that keeps people coming back, I know I will definitely be visiting them again.


Our meal was spectacular from beginning to end. To start we were presented with a basket of pita pieces and bread along with oil for dipping.  I found that I liked the pita with the oil, but the bread on its own. Somehow, for me, the herbs in the bread just didn’t seem to go with  the herbs in the oil. Next up was my soup, the starter from my 3-course prix-fix theatre menu selection. The soup of the day was a creamy tomato and lentil soup. It was so seriously deliciously creamy. I could probably live without the lentils, but I would still have that soup again any day! My mate didn’t order a starter, but the chef was making complimentary salads that day so we decided to share it. With neither of us being too big on our veggies, we were both very surprised at how much we enjoyed the mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet vinagrette with goat cheese (or feta, but I think it was goat). As you may have noticed, I especially play it safe with salads, generally going for the caesar variety, as they can be so touch-and-go. But this one was certainly a winner.


For my main I selected the atlantic salmon with a lemon dill sauce. I was expecting it to arrive with garlic mashed yukon gold potatoes, so I was surprised to find wild rice beneath the fish on my plate. Apparently the chef had made an executive decision to switch them out because the potatoes were too dry, so we were told. Even if this was the case, a heads up about the change would have been nice but, regardless, in the end I was glad to have had the rice instead. I think it was much more flavourful and added some neat textures; from soft to crunchy! The grilled veggies the meal came with were not any that I would typically choose: asparagus (which I was not brave enough to try), zucchini, tomato and eggplant. I decided to be a little bit brave and sliced the zucchini and eggplant into teeny tiny pieces and mixed them up with the rice. That way I got at least some of my veggies without tasting, or feeling, them! My mate’s main was the prime rib with the mashed potatoes and the same veggies I had. The au jus it came with looked more like a gravy to me (what we both prefer anyways) and had much more going on than most au jus out there. It is obvious that the chef takes inspiration from all over the world. Even the sauce on my salmon had much more seasoning than just lemon and dill. Although it is obvious that the flavours come from all over, the menu still features mainly American style dishes so it is easy for someone like me to find something I’d like and then to be pleasantly surprised by how much more sensational these dishes are than other similar ones around. I found that, for fine dining, this restaurant has much more on the menu that I would actually try, and probably like, than most others of its kind.


For dessert I chose the chocolate cake from the three options my theatre menu provided. My mate also ended up with a dessert that the chef graciously provided on the house due to the unannounced switch-up of my potatoes. This turned out perfectly as I was having a hard time deciding on whether to get the apple crumble or the cake, and this way we were able to try both. I think I am more a fan of apple crisp as opposed crumble. There is something about the added crunch for me. The crumble was soft and warm though, which is still very comfortable with an accompanying cup of tea. The chocolate cake was of the drier variety. But the various drizzles on the plate helped to moisten things up for me.

Overall, the meal and atmosphere were exactly what we needed on what had been an otherwise lackluster day. From what I have heard, I believe Stonegate does the majority of their purchasing from the Kitchener Market. For this, and many other reasons, I would really like to see this bistro succeed. Thus, I would like to make two small suggestions; 1- invest in proper menus, even just a simple folder that allows for pages to be switched out would be better than what is currently being used, and 2- add some signage to direct diners to the washrooms from the main seating area. I think those two, seemingly minor, details really do have a big effect on people, and right now they are not giving the most desireable impression.

Our whole meal, including 2 pints of Rock Cut Baysville Lager, one theatre menu 2 (included my soup, salmon and chocolate cake), one 12oz prime rib, and complimentary salad, apple crumble, tea and coffee, came to $72.04. It wasn’t until writing this up that I realized that our coffee and tea had not been charged to us. I believe this may have been due to an unfortunate scene that had been caused by a very rude, belligerent man at another table. The chef was obviously embarrassed and was very appologetic. He offered us each a drink on the house but we were just finishing up our meal so we declined.  I believe that is why the coffee and tea were not included on our bill. I hope that it hadn’t been an unintentional oversight as it was certainly unintentional on our part to have walked out without paying for them!

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